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Greetings, peace, and brightness....

For anyone unfamiliar with this website, in order to view my entire collection of works, you need to find the "browse gallery" icon to your left and click on that.

The entire collection of postings does not appear to the left here. Those are just some recent postings.

When you get to the gallery, the poems appear as "thumbnails," just like what you see here.
There are two pages of poems.

Just point and click on a box, or on the title below the box, for the poem to open.  

If you just watch the words scroll in the thumbnail, you will not be able to read the entire poem.

Also, not that it's all that important, the dates shown on the website are POSTING dates, not composition dates.  

Some of my works were written LONG before the dates they were posted here.  

No, I was NOT horribly depressed in March of 04, that's just when I put up my first batch of postings on dA!

(many of the poems posted at that time were the result of my ex fiance` cheating on me with one of my MARRIED best friends, and the resulting heart break and dual household breaking, which took place in 2002... just so you know.  )

Enjoy, and thank you for your interest.
I am awed that some of my poems have been read and downloaded as often as they have!  
It warms my heart to see these numbers.

Perhaps, one day, the name of triskele will be famous!
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  • Watching: words appear on this screen
  • Eating: garlic potatoes and chicken
  • Drinking: BITCH wine
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August 29, 2006


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